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Global Legal Hackathon 2022 is coming to Birmingham!

The Global Legal Hackathon 2022, the world’s biggest legal tech event is returning for its fourth year and will be held in 25th-27th March 2022. The event will be happening simultaneously in cities around the world and is expected to bring together over 10,000 participants from over 100 host cities around the globe combining legal, technology and business expertise to mix innovative ideas and emerging technologies: this is a “free to enter” event, with no participation fees and open to students as well as professionals in areas of law, technology, business, and design. The Birmingham event will take place at the Edgbaston campus, organised by the University of Birmingham Law School’s Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research (CePLER) and the Law, Emerging Technology & Science Lab (LETS Lab) in collaboration with the School of Computer Science.


The Hackathon is free to attend but prior registration is required, and spaces are limited. You may enter as an individual or as a team (minimum 3 – maximum 10 members). If you are entering as a team, all team members must be registered. If you are entering as an individual, we will pair you up with others to form a team and work together. You will be working over the weekend to create an app or a service that corresponds to this year’s challenge, which will be announced at the start of the hackathon. The hackathon is technology-agnostic meaning participants can use any software or technologies to develop their solutions. A prototype is not required. Participants from all backgrounds are welcome. Contestants will be presenting their ideas to a panel of judges on Sunday afternoon and the winning team will progress to the global semi-finals representing Birmingham. Finalists will then be invited to the Global Legal Hackathon Final round & Gala (covid regulations permitting) to take place in London later in 2022.  


The legal industry is in the midst of profound transformation, and the Global Legal Hackathon is an opportunity for everybody in the industry, no matter how seasoned or junior, tech-savvy or novice, to roll up their sleeves and join with co-workers, clients, law firms, technology companies, and academics to fully immerse themselves in the cutting edge of legal technology innovation for a weekend.  


Come join us!  


Register here


Registrations are open until 20th March 2022 but spaces are limited! 


On behalf of the organising committee, 

Dr Argyro Karanasiou, LETS Lab – School of Law, University of Birmingham 

Miss Linden Thomas, CePLER – School of Law, University of Birmingham 

Dr Phillip Smith – School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham 

Mr Pieter Joubert - School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham 

Global Legal Hackathon 2022 is coming to Birmingham!
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