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Digital Lounge Webinar Series

For our Digital Lounge series we are joined by guest speakers to discuss tech related matters of general public interest that have had an impact on the rule of law. Our webinars are open to the general public and free to attend.

You can watch the videos from previous Digital Lounges on our YouTube Channel 

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room
Past Digital Lounge Webinars

November 2019 - “Law 3.0: Rules, Regulation, and Technology” - Prof Roger Brownsword, King’s College London 

April 2020 - “Post COVID19 – Looking at smart farming for a more sustainable future” - Dr Viola Prifti, HTW Berlin 


October 2020 - “AI in Recruitment” - Robin Allen QC, Cloisters and AI LawHub; Dr Nathan Mondragon, Chief IO Psychologist at Hirevue; Ben Kaminsky, Founder and CEO for 


January 2021 - “State Surveillance, Technology and The Rule of Law” - Prof Keith Ewing, King’s College London; Dr Joan Mahoney, University of Southampton; Dr Andrew Moretta, University of Liverpool

February 2021 - “New Laws of Robotics” – Prof Frank Pasquale, Brooklyn Law School, US 

March 2021 - “Can Amazon Deliver? Corporate Governance in the Digital Era” – Stacy Mitchell, ILSR Director, US 

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