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Digital Lounge

In our Digital Lounge series we look at the intricate ways that technology, law, and society affect one another. Leading experts in law and innovation join us to discuss how a data driven society is affecting our daily lives. The series is live streamed, open to the general public, and free to attend by registration on our EventBrite page. You can watch the videos from previous Digital Lounges on our YouTube Channel. 


You’ve been H-A.I.-RED: In conversation with Robin Allen QC (Cloisters Chambers & AI-Law Hub), Dr Nathan Mondragon (Chief IO Psychologist, Hirevue), and Ben Kaminsky, Founder and CEO, EVA.AI.


New Laws of Robotics: Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI: In conversation with Frank Pasquale (Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School).


The Pervasive Ethical Issues in Retail and Consumerism: A Nudge and a Push (curated by Ghislaine Boddington)


The Promises and Perils of Legal Tech: Part 2 – A Roundtable discussion with Howard Shrobe (Director CyberSecurity Initiative, MIT CSAIL, USA), Lal Akhtar (Founder and CTO MedChamber, UK) (Medico-legal Expert), Lal Chandran (Co-Founder and CTO iGrant, Sweden), Maria Jesus Gonzalez Espejo (LegalTech Entrepreneur, CEO, Innovation in Law Studies Alliance, Spain), Jeannette Gorzala (Attorney at Law and Head of Artificial Intelligence, Austria), Evangelos Katsikis (Managing Partner KKLegal Greece), Clément Lesaege (CTO Kleros, Portugal), Danaja Fabric Povse (Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).


State Surveillance, Technology, and the Rule of Law: In conversation with Keith Ewing (Professor of Public Law, King’s College London), Dr Joan Mahoney (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Southampton & former Dean at Wayne State University Law School, Michigan), and Dr Andrew Moretta (Research Fellow, University of Liverpool)


Amazon’s Stranglehold: In conversation with Stacy Mitchell (Director, Institute for Local Self Reliance, US)

The Promises and Perils of Legal Tech: Part 1 – A roundtable discussion with Judge Dory Reiling (retired senior Judge, Amsterdam District Court), Sue McLean (Technology and Fintech Partner, Baker and McKenzie LLP), Rebecca Keating (Barrister, 4PumpCourt), Maria Jesus Gonzalez Espejo (LegalTech Entrepreneur, CEO, Innovation in Law Studies Alliance), Vasilis Tsolis (Founder and CEO of Cognitiv+), Olivier Theraux (Head of Research & Development, Open Data Institute), Sophia Ahmad (Associate Consultant, JDX Consulting), Harry Kliaris (Trainee Lawyer, Giannini & Associates), Fatimazahra Dehbi (University of Greenwich), Fraser Matcham (Chief Problem Solver, Legal Utopia - Director of Legal Innovation, University of Westminster). 


Upholding Digital Rights and Media Plurality - In conversation with Ursula Smartt (Northeastern University Boston)


Tackling Online Safety: In conversation with Kim Barker (Open University) and Aysem Diker Vanberg (Goldsmith’s University of London)

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