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There are many ways to get involved with LETS Lab: you can browse our current openings for research projects and employment opportunities, read our publications, attend our events, join us for physical and virtual conversations, and more.


  • How do I get involved as a PhD student or postdoc?
    We welcome applications from prospective PhD students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of LETS Lab academic members on areas of expertise. Feel free to reach out directly to them and you will be directed to the appropriate institutional channels for your applications to be considered further. Postdoc openings will be announced on the website as they open.
  • How do I join LetsLab as a student or intern?
    If you are a postgraduate/undergraduate student with a true passion for law and emerging technologies, and would like to contribute to our blog with a post or in any of our ongoing activities we would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch through the form below.
  • Do I have to be an intern to contribute?
    No, in fact, we welcome submissions to our blogpost on all things tech and law related, please contact us using the form below.
  • I have another question…
    Contact us here
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